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Tim Frank

President, Iron Direct

Liz is one of the best team members I have worked with in my

30 year career. She has a unique creativity rarely found, and a work ethic that consistently amazed me. During a very demanding startup,

Liz shouldered several different functions and kept everything moving forward. Its not unique to find hard-workers, but when you couple that with creativity and a sharp intellect, and add a healthy dose of

vision - well, the results are always exciting.


With her experience in both large corporations and startups,

Liz has learned how to really make a difference, rather than just

pushing projects along from gate to gate.

I give Liz an unqualified recommendation.

Robert Bragaw

Associate General Counsel, Liquidity Services

I can think of few marketing professionals that possess the combination of unbridled creativity and focused discipline that Liz brings to the marketing of assets for Liquidity Services.


Her ability to find and bring to bear diverse global markets across a panoply of industry verticals is nothing short of magical. Her contributions to the company's success are legion and well-documented.

Timothy Gilliam

Manager Imaging Services, Liquidity Services

Elizabeth’s efforts have ensured, and directly fueled the incredible development and growth of our company.

She tirelessly exercises her beneficial strategies, designs and product development, touching and

ensuring growth in every vertical of our company’s success. Her hard-charging drive for excellence is her trademark.

Elizabeth is a very talented and accomplished commercial artist. In her director role, she develops total success

and encourages only the best results from her team. Her personal standards of excellence are a large part of the

mechanism that drove our web-based business into becoming one of the best in the industry.


Elizabeth can be relied upon to roll up her sleeves and hit the deck plates running when managing a team in the field,

and can equally converse with dignity and grace in a boardroom environment.

An asset to any team or project, Elizabeth has my highest recommendation, praise and endorsement.

Liz is a joy to work with. She has a great combination

of marketing expertise and infectious enthusiasm.

She is one of those rare people who can design marketing collateral, handle the unending details of digital marketing, and manage the big picture.

She has my wholehearted endorsement.

Joe Hanneman

Communication Strategist

Andy Clevenger

General Manager, Iron Direct

Liz is an experienced marketing leader and professional who leads by example. She is quick to take on a new initiative

and jump in to accept new challenges. She is very decisive as a leader and provides her vision clearly for her team.

She is also an excellent communicator and spends time with anyone who needs her in the organization in order to share ideas, negotiate and confirm agreement.  She forms strong opinions and once she is convicted about them she does well to

communicate to explain the reasons why she believes strongly in an issue, but is always

open minded and willing to talk about differing points of view.

She keeps abreast of the ever evolving marketing field in the ecommerce space and does well to put focus on

several areas in parallel to positively affect conversions and increase market and brand awareness.

She always has a positive attitude and this is an example to everyone in the teams she works with.
Liz brings much energy and many positive aspects including outstanding morale building

and motivation to any organization.

John McCombs

Managing Partner McCombs Enterprises

Elizabeth is an amazing Marketing Professional

who produces amazing results that increase the

net income of the company.


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